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7DRL 2018 Partial Success (read 'failure')

Concept is you are unable to kill any of the enemies and they are trying to capture you rather than kill you.  Stamina is the key stat which you need to run and to break free from enemies that grab you.  Heavily item based with ways to stun and trap enemies. Descend to deepest floor and return to top to win. Simple ASCII graphics using SDL.

Status at end of 7DRL is incomplete. The game is functioning and you can both win and lose. There are several enemies and consumable items as well as a few pieces of permanent equipment. This was my first attempt at 7DRL, or any time restricted game development challenge as well as the first game I've made in forever so I'm OK with how far I was able to get it.  That being said I feel like it is incomplete without at least a little more content and a dedicated amount of time to balancing the core aspects of the game. Plan to continue working on it in the near future.

Written in Common Lisp. Currently only tested in and set up for Windows 7 64-bit with SBCL (Steel Banks Common Lisp http://www.sbcl.org/platform-table.html) though should work with other implementations and could work in other OS if you have the right SDL2.dll. If you have SBCL installed just execute "Run.bat". Source .lsp file is in zip if you have any use for it.


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