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7DRL 2019 Entry

Status: As complete as I could hope for

In this one there's these enemy generators that keep the enemies (and the fun) coming forever and ever. Equipment focused. No exp mechanic. No consumables. Replacing an item destroys the old item. Can carry multiple weapons. The right tool for the right job. Then I suppose 2 other resources (are they technically consumables?) ammo and locks. Need locks to re-close doors. I should have renamed ammo mana. I think all your ammo stuff is magical. This game doesn't have a theme though so it's OK.

I actually got to playtest for a while and work out some kinks. May still be severely unbalanced in some way. I was amused enough struggling against all odds upstream slowly but surly to find the source of all my woes. Then spending the entire week to kill one generator. Some would say they have too much hp. I suggest you're not using a big enough hammer. I have reached floor 4 in the current version of the game (where it crashed from a now fixed bug).

On a personal note, this is my 2nd year doing this. Good thing no one remembers me from last year because that was an unmitigated disaster. This ones pretty mitigated. I'm happy enough anyway with this one that I feel comfortable calling it a success. I welcome your scathing criticisms that could help me towards a more tolerable project for next year.


I had a slightly better setup for distributing the game this year, with an actual executable. Thanks to my friend Jon for helping me figure out why it wasn't running on his windows 10 computer. If anyone else has a problem please let me know. If you can include some kind of error text it might give you that would be fantastic. I'm not sure I'll know how to fix it but I can try.

I changed a couple minor things passed my deadline. Most of this was related to issues that were causing it to fail on another computer. Also found 2 crashes: trying to attack with <nothing> selected, and an untested color change of an enemy that wasn't valid. Judge me harshly if you must, for these bug that remained in the initial release. (probably not the last...)

Install instructions

Windows version tested for Windows 10 64-bit. Extract into one folder and run the .exe.

Linux version tested for Ubuntu (Bionic Beaver). Will need to install SDL2. Extract into one folder and execute extensionless file.

Written in ANSI Common LISP. Source code is in "Everything" folder of either version. If you want to run the game right from LISP just start from the containing folder and (load "Everything/oodles-rl.lsp"). I used SBCL but should work with any implementation.


oodles(linux).tar 63 MB
oodles(windows10).tar 67 MB


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This game is fun! Locks seem to be the key in this game, especially if these nasty fodders come around. Getting rid of these generators is quite satisfying!